Attending to the care of our nervous systems!


Neuro-Devotion is caring and attending to the well being of our neurological operating systems through practices that impact neuroception, thus allowing for the possibility of dynamic adaptations in our experience.

Devotion. Care. Reverence.

These are integral components of crafting a neuroprotective lifestyle. It may be the antidote to the residue of modernity. Not panacea, but promise of possibility. Possibility of being fully alive and vibrant while simultaneously managing chronic illness in all forms.

So many of us suffering. Including me. For years I suffered. An early onset Parkinson’s diagnosis was the tipping point that brought me to my knees.

I know all too well how it feels to be battered by internal interpretations (both neuroception and perception) of myriad systemic/environmental inputs.

This disease remains a painful reminder.

I went searching for a cure, and found something else instead.

I found my birthright. Vitality, Safety, Joy.

The way in was through a series of remarkably simple practices!! I remain forever grateful to the brilliant and heroic human beings whose research and experiments inform my practices. I provide resources here in hopes that you too may find your way back to our birthright of Vitality, Safety and Joy.

Experiment! Be Curious! Play!

To Life!



Vitality, Safety and Joy are our Birthright.”


Begin practicing as little as 4-minutes a day!