The 60 *


Vagal Toning, Neurotransmitter Tonic, Brain Building = More Vitality, Safety, Joy

Singing Meditations with hand movements.

I use Sa Ta Na Ma. Singing Miribai Silva version on Spotify. Could do without music.

See this video for instruction:

Singing with Others (Added benefit social engagement)


Sing a Long



Moving Meditations

La Chi Meditation

See this video for instruction:

Qi Gong

I also love “Waking up Energy” live 60 minute healing Qi Gong Practice. Very simple practice. Can be done lying down as well as standing.

Walk in Nature

Slow. Activate your senses by paying attention to sound, smell, touch.


See these video for information:

Contra Dancing or other forms of partner dancing


As suits your belief system.

It should feel sublime. Imagine your heart bursting with love feeling.

For those new to praying, easy place to begin is imagining someone in your life who is no longer living who you remember as kind and safe. Pause into the memory. Then hold those feelings close.

Gratitude Practices work here too. Mantras too.

More formal prayer is wonderful and is a part of most religious ceremony.


Could be as simple as day without social media. Could be retreat with others. Could be weekly meal. Could be weekly card game with friends.

*DISCLAIMER!! THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. I am not a doctor. I am a patient seeking means to alleviate suffering.